Student Reviews

“I started taking lessons from Ron 2 years ago. I already had basic chord shape knowledge and a few campfire songs in my pocket, but Ron has opened my eyes to a deeper and richer appreciation of the guitar and music.”

Jason Widmann

“Ron is a great guitar/music teacher. I have been taking lessons from him for 2.5 years. Before that I spend half a year learning guitar using YouTube videos.”

Maros Januvka

“I started taking guitar lessons with Ron about 2 years ago, as a complete beginner. Now I’m 14. Ron has taught me so much about guitar and music. I’ve learned a lot about improvising electric guitar solos, playing lead and rhythm guitar, as well as many more styles of guitar. He’s also taught me a bunch of songs that I play, ranging from Chuck Berry to Bach.

One specific thing that he teaches me that I really like is learning new cool electric guitar riffs and licks that I improvise on. I’ve also come to appreciate all of the music theory he has taught me, and it’s very helpful in going beyond reading tabs and playing them, to creating music of my own. He’s also just a fun person to talk to — about what books I’m reading etc.

Ron is himself a brilliant guitarist, and I aspire to his level of skill. I’ve made a ton of progress due to taking lessons with Ron, and I strongly recommend him as a guitar teacher.”

Linus Chen-Plotkin

“Ron is a great teacher and a great guy. I could barely play a few chords when I came to him and was hoping to find a reliable teacher who could help me progress. Ron has absolutely delivered.

I really wanted to get more proficient at playing guitar and learn some basic music theory. Over the course of my time with Ron, he has taken my knowledge of the instrument way further than I had anticipated. Now I can play tricky chords, and–because of his insightful lessons on scales, relative minors etc.– I have been able to write songs.

Ron is really thoughtful and always willing to tailor sessions to what you are most interested in learning. Not to mention the fact that he is an amazing, inspiring guitar player. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seriously looking to take guitar lessons.”

Heath Khan

“I am so glad that we found Ron! I took my son to three other local guitar teachers and it was a disaster. My son has ADHD and has trouble focusing, but loves music. Ron was able to get him to focus his energy on his lessons and do so in a way that was appropriate yet fun! His almost two decades of teaching experience are paying off for my son. Ron is so good with kids and parents. I love the broad overall knowledge that my son is getting from Ron regarding not just the guitar, but music as a whole. I am amazed at how much Ron knows about music theory as well as history and interesting little facts about artists and songs. The extra bonus is that my son now has a mentor to look up to and is loving his lessons. Trust us, you won’t be sorry you took lessons from him!”

Tylitha Curles

“I am so glad I took classes from Ron. I started out with little to knowledge of playing guitar. Ron started out right from how to hold the guitar, so it was a great start even in our first lesson. It’s been 8 months since I started and now we are working on making a song together. That’s the impact Ron’s teaching has on you. He teaches you about all the chords, how those chords are derived and how music as a whole works together. He is very knowledgeable with music theory and a lot of different types of songs and genres. He is very passionate about teaching guitar. At the end of every class, I leave having learnt something new and mind blowing, and can’t wait for the next class. Oh, did I mention its a 1 on 1 basis? So complete undivided attention for 1 full hour to your benefit only. He always finds a way to make you understand the concept he’s teaching. So, whether you are picking up a guitar as a hobby or professionally, Ron will guide you to become successful. I recommend you mail Ron if you are interested to learn guitar!”

Suhas Manjunath

“I had very limited knowledge of music prior to signing up for guitar lessons with Ron (unless you count singing in the shower). It had always been a dream of mine since I was little to be able to pick up a guitar and play one of my favorite songs. I never had touched a guitar prior to reaching out to Ron for lessons so was extremely nervous to begin my lessons. Ron made the nerves fly out the window on the first lesson. He is an unbelievable teacher whose passion about music inspires me to come and play my hardest regardless of the struggles that are presented when learning a new skill. He has customized each one of my lessons to ensure that I am consistently enforcing the correct habits and improving every week. I have learned not only how to play a list of songs, but I have also learned the history of music along with the relationship between strings and frets, chords and notes, majors and minors, etc. I have been receiving lessons for a year now and I can honestly say I learn something new every week. My favorite lessons include working through some of my favorite songs together where he encourages me to put my own creativity into the piece. It’s truly an amazing feeling to take a song that has been played a million times and make it your own. On top of his superlative teaching style, his patience and the support he provides me when I am frustrated is what really makes him a genuine and caring teacher. He has not only helped me become a guitar player, he has helped me hear and feel music in a greater way. I am amazed at how well he plays this instrument with originality in every note. If you want to learn this instrument in a fun, relaxed environment with an expert, I would highly recommend you reach out to Ron for lessons!”

Jackie Bowman

“I starting taking lessons with Ron 8 months ago, and my experience has been nothing shy of miraculous. I was in a near death car accident in December of 2013. I had Cardiac Arrest, Flatlined, was Recussitated, was induced into a 2-month Coma. I had to relearn everything from my ABC’s/baseline math/my own name, etc. You name it, I lost it while in the coma. As I started to rehab, I realized a couple of years after the accident that I used to play the guitar. Not at virtuoso/lead guitar levels, but on the self-taught/friend taught basic level. I could put chords together and play songs that laid the foundation my musician friends could play over. I was even able to sing. The pinnicle of my playing was playing a few solo acoustic songs at a St. Patrick’s Day Party, then joining in with my buddies on a couple other songs. Once I decided to finally dust off the acoustic years after the accident, it was painful. Not only emotionally realizing I really couldn’t play anymore, but also experiencing pain/difficulty in my left hand while trying to make chords. I would pick up the guitar, and frustratedly put it back down. It was a frustration that I can’t describe. At the beginning of the Summer, I got in contact with Ron, and informing him of my situation, he genuinely wanted to help. We started off realizing that both my Cognitive and Physical injuries would only hold me back if I wanted them to. Ron has been immensely instrumental in getting my playing back. He’s come up with a pace of practice that works for my improving brain. I’m finding that each time I practice/play, it’s helping me twofold. It’s THERAPUTIC, AND affirming the fact that I’m progressing. I HIGHLY recommend Ron. He’s helping me get my life back, and I can’t thank him enough for that!”

Matthew Van Kirk

“Ron is a top rate guitar teacher and guitarist. If I could give him 100 stars (rather than 5) I would. I came to Ron in a rut in terms of my playing and because of Ron I am now moving forward in ways I never dreamed of. Ron has a way of hearing what you need, based on what you tell him but also on your playing. With this information Ron immediately tailors a lesson plan that is effective and joyful. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, whether you are looking to learn the basics of specific songs or get into improvisational work, Ron is the right teacher.”

David Allman

“Ron helped my stagnant guitar progress by teaching me theory, scales, and songs that I liked. These elements were interwoven among our lessons, so it was rewarding to see what I had learned in theory and drills pop up in the songs that I was learning. You might have to reign him in from an outlandish tangent every once in a while, but Ron’s personality is as entertaining as the guitar lessons. I’d still be taking lessons if I hadn’t moved away.”

Francis Hager

“Ron is a delightful teacher with whom – you can be assured – you will have a wonderful time learning guitar and discussing about art, music and politics. Before meeting Ron I had never touched a guitar and I am 40, not the ideal pupil. Yet the learning process was seamless and joyful. With Ron’s help I set the foundations for a solid finger picking technique and started to enjoy – relatively quickly- the subtleties of guitar playing and appreciation. I strongly recommend Ron as your teacher, whether you are a starter like me, or a pro searching for new stimuli.”

Simone Ferriani

“I am older than a typical guitar student, having started in my late 30s, with no prior musical experience. I had been trying to teach myself, but was unsatisfied with my progress. Most teachers would probably plow through the usual lesson books, and I probably would have quit after a few lessons. Ron tailored a lesson plan to my exact needs, and the kind of music that I was interested in, and I have been working with him for over a year now. I could bring in any sort of strange music I found, and he would help me break it down and make sense of it. Our lessons are a great balance between technical instruction about the instrument and music theory. He introduced me to new bands and genres, and completely changed the way that I listen to and think about music.

Beyond all of this, Ron is a great mentor, with a wide breadth of knowledge about music and about life. Our lessons are one of the highlights of my week.”

Rob L

“I’ve been taking lessons from Ron for about 5 months now and don’t plan to stop any time soon. Ron is a great and very experienced teacher who nows how to communicate. He has a very encouraging approach and motivates me to enjoy what I play. He is a true music aficionado and has interest in listening to and teaching a wide range of music styles. I was somewhat of a beginner before I started lessons with Ron but now I feel more confident; I made some solid progress especially with fingerpicking and with some music theory. Ron’s style is very appropriate also for those who want to learn how to improvise.”

Evangelos Sariyanidi

“Ron is the real deal, his lessons are thoughtful, logical and practical. I really appreciate his balance of patience and discipline when I’m learning something new. Overall, my experience has been excellent. I would highly recommend anyone looking to actually progress as guitar player and a musician to contact Ron.”

Kelly Sharadin

“I have been taking guitar lessons with Ron for about a year and half on a weekly basis and have found the entire experience to be enjoyable and extremely worthwhile. I have found my personal progress, Ron’s teaching ability, and schedule flexibility to be excellent.

I started with Ron as a beginner, barely ever picking up the instrument before, and have already seen steady progress and feel much more confident playing. Ron is an experienced guitar player and has a unique ability to understand what drives me to get better as a student. He is committed to the process of helping me and is always prepared for our sessions. He is also extremely flexible with our lesson schedule. I typically maintain a standing appointment, but have often had to move things around and it has never been a problem.

Ron is a caring and thoughtful person that i enjoy spending my time with. I am glad that I decided to pursue guitar as a hobby and feel fortunate to have found Ron to work with. If you are thinking of starting to play or picking up where you left off, I highly recommend an initial session with Ron to discuss your goals and see if it is a good fit.”

Jonathan Smith

“Ron is an exceptional guitarist and teacher for any level of player. He has developed a methodology for teaching students to build a foundation from which they can begin to explore more technical concepts and styles. I have been taking lessons from Ron for about 3 years now, after searching out a local guitar teacher online. When I began, I had been playing for a few years but had never taken lessons. Ron quickly taught me the basics of understanding the fretboard and I immediately began to build a stronger foundational knowledge of the guitar. Ron’s long-term approach involves very detailed and methodical deconstruction of scales and chords within the fretboard so that the student can quickly understand all of their options within a given key. This is geared towards effective song-writing and improvisational playing with others. This has had a tremendous effect on my playing and for my appreciation for music as an art and a science. Additionally, Ron has helped teach me performance skills in singing while playing guitar, which I had never done before and was somewhat uncomfortable doing until Ron encouraged me to work on it.

Aside from the music, I very much enjoy spending time with Ron as a person. He openly discusses his life and personal goals and offers valuable and thoughtful advice to me as a younger person. I have grown to value Ron’s perspectives and thoughts on a number of matters outside of music, and now consider him as a friend.

I would highly recommend Ron as a teacher to players of any level. Even for more advanced players, Ron can offer teachings in specific styles such as slide, finger-picking and assistance in song-writing. The hourly price is more than reasonable for the development you’ll see working with Ron.”

Daniel O’Connor

“Ron is a great guy and an exceptional teacher. I have been taking lessons with him for a few months now. He really wants to get to know his clients and prepares each lesson to their best interests. I am interested in learning more about music theory and he has been doing a great job at breaking it down and learning step by step. I highly suggest trying a lesson from him. He is knowledgeable in all types of music and it is truly a fun experience to meet him for lessons in learning the guitar.”

Seth Madden

“Great place to learn guitar, I and my son (11 yrs. old) have no clue how to play guitar or even read music but we have the desire to play music and we lucky to find the most interesting guitar teacher that is so passionate about teaching guitar, he have his own technique that are easy for a mother and son who have no basic of playing music or instrument to do it properly. Not only Ron teach guitar he also a good role model for my son, he teach the value of life so not only we getting the guitar lesson we also feel rejuvenate after the lesson. At my son elementary school he plays the guitar for his class and his technique is a lot better than some other students who been playing for the past 3 years. Thank you Ron for this pass 20 months and more in counting. Dewi and Anthony”

London B

“As a classically trained guitarist, it was not until my summer of lessons with Ron that I was able to truly understand the guitar neck.
Every lesson with Ron gave me a new view of the guitar and understanding of songwriting. Although I took lessons with Ron for only a summer, after that summer I felt like a more advanced guitarist and a better musician. Ron communicates complicated topics with such clarity and energy that every lesson gave me weeks’ worth of ideas to explore on the guitar. In particular, his lessons about chord inversions and modes changed the way I viewed the guitar neck and approached song-writing. Ron’s knowledge of music and the structure behind it allows him to explain and answer questions with precision and introduce new ideas with ease, and this is the reason I recommend him highly as a guitar teacher.”

Julien Schremmer

“Lessons from Ron have been a great help for me in my role as a record producer. He has expanded my understanding of music theory and I’ve been able to apply the things I learn with Ron in the studio when I’m working with different artists. My songwriting abilities have improved with the different musical techniques I’ve learned. I expected to learn to play the guitar, but am learning a great deal more than just that.

For the past 5 years I’ve worked for Philadelphia International Records, home of Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, the creators of “The Sound of Philadelphia.” Soul and R&B music holds a special place in my heart, and having a experience teacher who shares the same enthusiasm for this type of music makes my lessons a joy.

I highly recommend Ron for anyone who has or is pursuing a career in music.”

Tony Kauffman

“I highly recommend Ron Bennett as a guitar/music teacher. Over the past (almost) year, my playing has rapidly accelerated. I’m in my 50’s and began playing as a child. I stopped for 25 years and picked it up again in Sept. 2011. I sought out Ron in Spring 2012 to speed my progress. He has assisted me in learning new approaches to some old things. He has opened up new playing avenues for me and broadened my musical knowledge. I have been playing out again in front of people. My play is confident. I thank Ron and credit him for his guidance, persistence, patience, humor and fun approach.”

John Hudome

“I’ve been taking lessons with Ron for over 6 months now. I had been playing drums for over 10 years and always wanted to learn how to play guitar, having dabbled here and there but never taking lessons. In the few months I’ve been learning from Ron I’ve learned not only to play through entire songs, but also gained a new perspective on the instrument and music as a whole. What I really appreciate is that our lessons delve into the theory behind the music and songs we are learning: what makes a certain part of a song catchy, how the writers might have come up with that particular progression, and the overarching music theory underlying any piece we are working on. I also think one of the best parts of the lessons are just talking about music and musicians. I’ve had my eyes opened to new artists and bands I never would have listened to otherwise, and that has really expanded my horizons. Ron has been incredibly patient working with me as a complete beginner, and seems to always find a sweet spot between the immediate reward of learning to play new songs and developing the deeper knowledge necessary to become a proficient player. I look forward to taking lessons here as long as I can, and would recommend Ron to anyone with a genuine interest and passion for learning the guitar.”

Ian Folkert

“Ron is a fantastic teacher because he tailors your lesson to your interest and level of expertise. He is also extremely flexible. One week we will work on scales, the next week chord progressions, depending on what I want to learn. He then helps me to incorporate the scale work into chord construction and progression. I have been working with Ron for about a year and my skills have increased considerably.

On top of his fine guitar teaching and skills, he is very personable and an interesting conversationalist. My lesson always seems to pass too quickly because I am not only learning, I am having fun. Which, after all, is what its all about!”

Patrick Egan

“Ron is an incredible musician and instructor. When I first started lessons with Ron I had been playing guitar for several months and was ready to give up as I thought “maybe guitar just wasn’t for me.” After my first lesson with Ron my passion for guitar was ignited. He has a laid back yet diligent approach which immediately made me feel comfortable and inspired. Ron helped me view the fretboard in a different light and helped me to think outside the “box.” Because of Ron, I am more confident as a musician and now have the confidence to step outside of my comfort zone. I highly recommend Ron Bennett as a guitar instructor.”

Ricardo Patton

“I’ve long enjoyed blues slide guitar, and wanted to learn how to play it. I had looked at some youtube videos and played around a bit on my own, but wasn’t happy with my progress. I reached out to Ron, and we set up a few lessons at a time that was convenient for me. Within 5 minutes of our first lesson, Ron quickly identified a few technique mistakes I had been making, and we identified a few songs to start on. These songs were not only fun to play, but used a wide variety of slide styles. I was quickly playing the songs that I had been enjoying listening to. Additionally, Ron made sure that I understood not only how to play slide, but also to know what notes to play and when. His interweaving of music theory and slide guitar has really progressed my understanding of guitar, as well increased my confidence when playing with others. Unfortunately, due to some life changes of mine, I had to suspend my lessons with Ron. I plan to re-engage him and take Skype lessons as soon as possible.”

Don Roeber

“Ron is truly helping me transform my playing and understanding of the guitar. Prior to moving to Philly I took lessons for three years, focusing mostly on learning songs and pentatonic leads, which was exactly what I had asked my previous tutor to teach me. Though I progressed quickly, I never really felt like I knew what I was doing — I had a collection of puzzle pieces but I didn’t know how they fit together. I came to Ron with a request: help me actually learn about and understand the guitar and music. Without a doubt, Ron delivered. From a practical point of view, Ron has taught me more about using the entire fretboard then I can possibly explain, especially learning intervals and finding (and connecting) chords up and down the neck. I no longer feel trapped inside the pentatonic boxes. Ron has an amazing depth of music theory and practical musical knowledge, but also the playing chops show you how to put it all to use. Here is just a partial list of topics we’ve covered (and are still diving deep into) recently: Major intervals, Minor intervals, relative Major and Minors, CAGED chords everywhere, 7th chords everywhere, and partial chords. That’s just the past few months. A key for me each week is the “ah-ha!” moment. In almost every session Ron helps unlock a piece of understanding that had previously eluded me. For example, we’ve recently been working on intervals, and when he explained that certain intervals combinations were really partial parts of chords I already knew… “ah-ha!” the tumblers fell into place. This happens all the time. Not only does Ron have hard-learned musical knowledge, but he knows how to convey it in a way that makes sense and sticks with me. And if you’re into bottleneck slide guitar, Ron’s your man. I’ve only scratched the surface of his slide knowledge. Ron works me hard, which is what I need to progress. I plan on learning from Ron for years to come.”

Joseph Moore

“The life of a medical student is incredibly one-dimensional. Yes, we are afforded opportunities to participate in a myriad of extra-curricular activities, but they all share a common thread; they are all medically related. We constantly have the option to volunteer at a homeless shelter, work at a health clinic in an underserved area, teach school children about the benefits of eating healthy and exercising, and the list goes on and on. Of course I enjoy participating in these activities, and there is nothing more important than giving back, but I reached a point last year where I realized that my view on the world was becoming myopic. I had forgotten about all of the other things in my life, non-medically related, which gave my life depth beyond the scope of “Future Doctor.”
I have cultivated a passion for listening to music, especially live music, since early high school, but I never took up an instrument. When did I have time when spending all of those years trying to get into medical school!? I had dabbled with the guitar for a few years, but with few formal lessons all I really knew was how to play was some chords and a few riffs. I decided that perhaps learning how to play the guitar would make me feel more grounded. I asked around, surfed the web, and did some other research to find a good teacher. The name Ron Bennett showed up on multiple occasions. I decided to send Ron an email to inquire about lessons, doubtful that things would work actually work out as nicely as they did. Within a few hours, Ron sent me an email telling me to call him so we could talk about logistics. When I called, Ron was enthusiastic to hear from me. He proceeded to ask me a few questions about what kind of music I was interested in, and when I told him bluegrass, folk, and blues, I could feel his excitement on the other end of the line. I also told him I was interested in learning music theory. Ron spent the next five minutes encouraging me that I would notice a difference in my guitar playing within just a few weeks, and he assured me that he would guide me through the journey. His enthusiasm was infectious, and before I even met Ron I had nothing but positive feelings for him. I showed up to Ron’s apartment a few days later ready for my first lesson, and when he opened the door I could tell that the enthusiasm on the phone was not forced. This guy is just genuinely excited to teach the guitar. He wants you to succeed just as much, if not more than you yourself want to success. After my first lesson, I felt 10 times more empowered on the guitar than an hour previously. Ron taught me some scales, refined some of my technical skills, and encouraged the hell out of me. Even though the guitar was always available for me to play, I was never confident in my abilities. I wasn’t eager to pick up the guitar and fool around because I had reached a wall in learning on my own. Ron rapidly gave me the competence and confidence to want to play the guitar as much as possible. Practice was not just practice, it was playing. The man is a genius with the guitar, and he was capable of crafting his teaching method to match my learning style.
When I think of Ron, I do not just think of “Ron my guitar teacher.” Ron has become my mentor, therapist, and friend in addition to being my guitar instructor. My hour with Ron is always an unpredictable journey that can take us anywhere from home-made carbonated drinks to learning the importance of diminished chords to discussing Ron’s love of animals. Ron’s apartment is a safe place for scrutinizing the guitar while learning some of life’s lessons. Within weeks, I felt balance in my life begin to restore. My thoughts and intentions were no longer just medically directed, but instead a new outlet became available. I tip my hat to Ron for providing my life with a new richness that was not there just a few months ago.”

Brian Shafer

“Ron is a fantastic teacher. He is extremely patient and knowledgeable. He has made me feel comfortable since lesson 1. You can’t ask for more in a guitar instructor.”

Jason Omar

“Getting to know and learning guitar from Ron has been very rewarding for me. Before I started guitar lessons with Ron, I had fiddled on and off for years with downloaded tabs, chord books, and music instruction books. Although I had a gained some technical skill and knowledge of music theory this way, I felt stuck, bored with my progress, and needing to level-up. I started lessons with Ron about a year ago and have made more progress in my playing and understanding of the guitar, and music in general, than in many prior years put together. Ron has not only honed my technical skills but has taught me how to actually apply knowledge of music theory in ways that I don’t believe can be self-taught. I am now able to play songs that a year ago I would listen to and wonder how they were even possible to play. I am now able to squeeze out musically impressive riffs that a year ago I wouldn’t have been able to conceive of. I am now even listening to music that a year ago I didn’t even know existed. Although I work hard with the material Ron gives me (and you should too if you want the full benefit of the instruction), it is Ron’s ability to impart the right prescriptive guidance that makes it all possible. When I moved out of state for employment reasons, I was happy that Ron agreed to continue our lessons over Skype. So far, I can say that learning with Ron over Skype works and I am excited about seeing just how good of a guitar player and musician I can become. I highly recommend Ron as a guitar instructor for anyone serious about learning the guitar.”

Glenn Weiser

“I first came to Ron when I was a sophomore at Temple University. All I knew about fingerpicking was that John Fahey blew my mind and I wanted to play like him. At the time, I didn’t know that I was meeting the man who would be the key figure in reshaping my development as a musician. Ron not only got my thumb alternating on the bass and my fingers picking the treble, but he turned me on to numerous players and songwriters who have shaped my musical development since. Though I still love Fahey, Ron turned me on to the great playing of Blind Blake, Doc Watson, Tampa Red, Big Bill Broonzy, and many more. Thanks to Ron’s fingerpicking tutelage, I now perform regularly as a solo guitar player, and as a member of the Philly-based bluegrass band Sour Mash. Though I play banjo with the band, I would not have developed that aspect of my playing without the fingerpicking dexterity that Ron developed in me. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of performing alongside Ron, and of the several hundred gigs I’ve performed in the last five years, not one of them has been devoid of Ron’s influence. Ron will not only build a solid foundation for beginner guitar players, but he will maintain and nurture a meaningful relationship with players of all levels who are willing to commit the time needed to advance their playing. I am blessed to have Ron as an instructor, mentor, and friend.

Julian Root

“Only had lessons with Ron for a few months but it’s incredible how much better I got in those few months. Ron taught me how to really feel the music and improv with intention and thought and to not just throw around notes.”

Noor Ahmed

“As a classically trained guitarist, it was not until my summer of lessons with Ron that I was able to truly understand the guitar neck.”

Chocolat Cheeks

“Ron is a wonderful teacher especially if you are serious about learning music and guitar. He will tailor his sessions depends on your interest and set goal for each week which make the class very interesting.”


“Ron is a great guy and an exceptional teacher. I have been taking lessons with him for a few months now. He really wants to get to know his clients and prepares each lesson to their best interests. I am interested in learning more about music theory and he has been doing a great job at breaking it down and learning step by step. I highly suggest trying a lesson from him. He is knowledgeable in all types of music and it is truly a fun experience to meet him for lessons in learning the guitar.”

Seth Madden

“Ron Bennett is a great music teacher. I came to him with zero knowledge of guitar and he has patiently helped me to learn to play. He is unique in that he is willing to tailor his lessons and teaching style to the needs of the individual student. Ron has always worked with me both to develop appropriate technique but also to help strengthen the areas where I’m weak in a way that makes it fun and engaging. I’ve taken music lessons in the past, but Ron is turning me into a joyous musician in a way that my previous music teachers did not.

Ron is more than just my music teacher, though; he was also the ceremony musician for my wedding in April 2012. Having heard him play during my lessons, I knew I wanted him to be a part of the wedding. Ron met with my husband and myself several times to discuss what we wanted, and then worked tirelessly to tailor the set to be EXACTLY what we requested. He even did research on different versions of songs we requested to make sure that he played the “best” one. He was perfect, and we got lots of compliments from guests about our “excellent choice of guitarists.” My husband and I could not agree more. Far from being just a guitar teacher, Ron is also a fantastic musician. You don’t always get that in a music teacher.”

Shelley Nash

“I have been taking lessons from Ron for a little over a year. Prior to that, I spent a year learning to play songs on the guitar via YouTube and similar outlets.”

Julian Aldinger

“I’ve been taking lessons from Ron for about two years now and can honestly say that it has been a game changer for me.”


“Skype lessons with Ron Bennett are outstanding and convenient. I have been taking lessons with Ron for over 10 years, the last 7 of which have been via Skype. The communications have been clear and in real time, permitting us to experience no sonic or technological lag when collaborating or discussing music theory. As for the music, Ron is an excellent musician and teacher; his technical gifts and feel for many genres of music are inspiring and plainly apparent from the moment you begin working with him. His patient guidance is tailored to the student’s interests, goals and capabilities, which is greatly appreciated – it ensures that you, the student, are invested in what you are doing and learning. Lessons are fun and informative and are largely self-paced – Ron moves at the speed you both find to be most effective for you. My significant growth as a musician is all due to Ron’s amazing tutelage and our mutual effort. Whether you are located in Philadelphia or points further afield, if you are interested in learning guitar from an experienced and knowledgeable professional who cares that you become the musician you want to be, you should definitely reach out to Ron – Ron and the Skype platform can help you achieve your guitar playing goals.”

Kimberly Jupinka

“Ron will change the way you think about music. A lesson with Ron is just the thing I need to cheer me up after a stressful week. He will get you out of your own little world and into the beautiful world of music. More than just a guitar teacher, Ron is a comedian, spiritual guru, therapist, and friend. Ron has years of experience and a way of explaining complex music theory in a very straightforward and memorable way. You could not find a better guitar teacher than Ron.”

John Johnson

“Ron lives and breathes music. I came to him as a beginner/intermediate guitar player, and three months later, my guitar sounds like a completely different instrument. His lessons on music theory have changed the way I play and view the fretboard, and the way his lessons have been structured makes the learning process feel very natural. Parallel to practicing and learning music theory, he’s thrown me right into the fire of playing some really technical fingerstyle songs. It’s frustrating, but it has allowed me to realize where my strengths and weaknesses lie, and he works with me tirelessly to ensure I understand the technique. On top of all that, he’s a down to earth guy who’s always got a joke to crack, and he’s got great musical interests and has introduced me to some artists that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise listened to (Doc Watson, Joe Pass, The Strawbs, etc).  The hour long lesson really flies by and I feel that he’s a great teacher and artist who’s able to convey his knowledge in a way that’s easily digestible. If you’re looking to learn or improve your guitar playing, Ron is the guy in Philly that I would highly recommend.”

Jimmy Miller

“I came to Ron because I wanted to learn how to play a song for a very particular, personal reason. But I have absolutely no musical ability, and kept trying to warn him of this. He wasn’t having any of it. He insisted that there was no reason why I couldn’t do learn to carry a tune and strum out a few chords. And he worked with me, week after week, until I could (more or less) get the hang of it. He was patient and encouraging, and kept telling me how much he admired my spirit, my honesty and my willingness to put my heart into what I was doing. It was something I really needed to hear at that point in my life. Ron turned out to be much more than just a guitar teacher. He became a friend — and someone who believed in me at a time when I really needed it.”

John Ghazvinian

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