Buying a guitar. Electric or acoustic?

A question that comes up a lot is whether one should purchase an acoustic or an electric guitar. Acoustic guitars demand a higher level of, agility, tone, and technique when purchasing a beginner guitar. Electrics are less strenuous to hold strings down, particularly barre chords, and since the strings are more pliable, strings are easier to bend. The amplifier puts another consideration between the player and the guitar since one must make constant adjustments and be preoccupied with getting the sound they like which deviates from the task at hand which is to focus on playing. For beginners I recommend an acoustic to see if you will stick with playing before buying needless amplifiers and cords. If electric is your choice that is a good option as well since it may demand less of your fingers. I like to play acoustic 60-70% of my practice to improve my tone and finger strength.

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