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The Journey

Hanging out in Antigua, Guatemala, looking for trouble.

Ron Bennett was born and raised in Philadelphia. He founded Ron Bennett Music and taught guitar in Center City Philadelphia from 2001 to 2022 before relocating to SW Virginia. When he was 11 years old, he met B.B. King in his dressing room at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. Little did he know that it would ignite a passionate love affair with the guitar that would span five decades. He has been playing guitar for over 49 years and writing songs for over 36 years. After graduating from St. Joseph’s High School in Camden, NJ, he completed a stint in the Air Force working in Tactical Reconnaissance, attaining a top secret security clearance. He later completed a Bachelor’s degree, double majoring in Political Science and Economics at the University of South Carolina and received a fellowship to study Economics in the USC Masters ProgramContinue Reading The Journey.

Teaching Approach

My mission is to awaken the musician inside the student whether a beginner or experienced guitarist. I teach my own lessons and value developing individualized approaches given the various needs of students.

Me and my student, Anthony outside my studio in Philadelphia, PA
Me and my student, Anthony outside my studio in Philadelphia, PA
We decided that my Cognitive and Physical injuries from my car accident would only hold me back if I wanted them to. Ron is instrumental in getting my playing back. His pace of practice works to improve my brain function.
Matthew Kirk
Ron is an amazing, inspiring guitar player and instructor. He teaches the fine points of song writing as well as guitar. I wholeheartedly recommend him!
Heath Khan
In the first 8 months we worked on writing a song together. He teaches you about chords, how chords are derived, and how music works.
Suhas Manjunath
Ron is a top rate guitar teacher and guitarist. If I could give him 100 stars I would. I came to Ron in a rut in terms of my playing and because of Ron I am now moving forward in ways I never dreamed of.
David Allman
Ron is an exceptional guitarist and teacher for any level of player. He has developed a methodology for teaching students to build a foundation from which they can begin to explore more technical concepts and styles.
David Allman
Ron is the real deal, his lessons are thoughtful, logical and practical. I really appreciate his balance of patience and discipline when I’m learning something new. Overall, my experience has been excellent.
Kelly Sharadin
Not only did Ron teach guitar, he also was a good role model for my 11 year old son.  He taught the value of life so not only did we get the guitar lesson but we also felt rejuvenated after the lesson.
Dewi and Anthony Broadhurst
As a classically trained guitarist, it was not until my summer of lessons with Ron that I was able to truly understand the guitar neck.  
Julien Schremmer
Ron has been a great help for me in my role as a record producer. He has expanded my understanding of music theory and I’ve been able to apply the things I learn with Ron in the studio.
Tony Kauffman
Phil. Inter. Records
Ron will build a solid foundation for beginner guitar players, and maintain and nurture a meaningful relationship with aspiring guitarists. I am fortunate to have him as a friend and mentor.
Julian Root
Ron has been providing guitar lessons to our 15-year old son for two years. He has grown with an understanding of music theory and concepts and an expanded appreciation of techniques, genres, and styles.
Jeff Goldstein
I wanted to learn a particular song. I warned him I had no musical ability. He insisted there was no reason I couldn’t learn to carry a tune and strum out a few chords. And, I did.
John Ghazvinian
Ron lives and breathes music. I came to him as a beginner/intermediate guitar player, and three months later, my guitar sounds like a completely different instrument.
Jimmy Miller


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